What Good is Gay Men Life Coaching?

It’s a fair question. What good is gay men life coaching?
The most effective life coaches are the ones who ask the correct questions. They do not have answers to give you. The questions a life coach asks you brings out awareness inside of you that may not have tapped into.
If you are a gay man and you select a gay man to be your life coach, here is what you can expect:
Only another gay man can truly know what you have experienced in this world in terms of prejudice from straight people that we have endured. You will benefit from selecting me (Coach Woody) because I have been through what you’ve been through. I also have the added experience of encountering prejudice from other gay men because I am in an interracial relationship and because I am not a young gay man. These kinds of life experiences are unavailable to anyone except an older gay male life coach like me.
I also do not approach gay men life coaching from a theoretical perspective at all. I did not learn from textbooks or college professors about theories or models of gay male behaviors and communications. I don’t find much credibility in the writings of gay men who approach subjects about us gay men that start with intellectualizing.
I also believe that all gay men must find it in themselves to accept their sexual passions. This means embracing one’s one sense of what and who we find sexually appealing as gay men. I am never going to attempt to insert organized religion or a belief in any deity into my life coaching for gay men. If you want any of that stuff, I urge you to go find a religious community that accepts you and welcomes you into their community.

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