No Longer Gay?

A survivor of the 2016 Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando, Florida is claiming that he is no longer a gay man. Luis Javier Ruiz, speaking in Washington, DC at a May 5, 2018 anti-gay rally, says he believes organized religion cured him. He cited the so-called “power” of the Holy Spirit and used a Donald Trump term, fake news, to describe the media coverage of conversions from one sexual identity to another.
These kinds of claims are common, especially from young gay men who are forced into intense psychological reprogramming under the control of extreme elements of the religious right. Such claims of “curing” a man from being gay (which is not even recognized within the medical profession as an illness in the first place) serve to confuse the cultural debate over the right of gay men to accept the sexual identity with which they know they were born. The advocates of conversion therapy by way of organized religion add to the already-strong prejudice, particularly in Southern States, against gay men.
Most major medical and mental health organizations continue to assure the public that turning a gay man into a straight man through the use of therapy, organized religion, or even medication, is not medically or psychologically possible. More to the point, self-denial of what a man finds sexually attractive is a serious form of emotional and physical repression that can produce real emotional and/or physical harm to him.
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